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Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Eight Signs To Ponder Before Entering A Serious Relationship

There are things that we should remember before choosing to have a permanent commitment in life.

Loving is not always sweet, there are times that people are hurt because of love.There are many things to consider before entering a serious relationship and here are some of them.

1. Rough Road Ahead Of You

In any relationship there will always come a time that couples will face problems along the way, that's why each of them should be ready all the time. As we know, loyalty and trust are the most important elements that make a relationship last, because they are the ones that test the faithfulness of the person to the one he or she loves. We should remember that it is with the problems that couples face that make their relationship stronger because it is with that that they will know each other more.

2. Slow Down A Bit

Having any commitment is not just a simple thing because it will really affect the outcome of your future. Today, there are already many unwanted babies around the world and it is just sad to know that most of them are killed. That is why always slow down and think for awhile, maybe it's not really "love at first sight" but "lust at first sight".

3. No U Turn

There are no more u turns allowed once you are in a serious relationship. Although there are already some countries that allow divorce, still the vow you have made in front of God can never be broken. You are responsible for the things you have done and things that is yet to be done.

4. No Stopping Anytime

Actually, this one is related to number 3 because in any relationship you cannot just end it the way you want it. You cannot just say to your partner, "Let's stop this non-sense already, at least now we already know what love really is." True love isn't like that at all. It's not just about

making love but the importance you are showing to your partner.

5. It's a give and take

It should always be a give and take relationship in order to survive the struggles confronting the couple. It's not always that the man or perhaps the woman that should be followed. He/she, even though committed, should still be responsible for his own actions. It is not always that only one of the couple should try to make the relationship strong, else it can easily be toppled down.

6. No Adultery Please

Always be contented with one lover or loved one, else you are guilty of adultery. Many married couples are having this problem that is why they end up also in the same way: divorced.

7. Always Know Your Limit

There are many people who ended up hated because of the boasting they do. A person, although he/she may have been successful in life, should always humble himself down in front of any other people. You are being judged by the way you are seen, and if you'll have a bad image then how can you ever get the perfect man/woman for you. In the case of married couples, the only way to have reconciliation after long fights is for one of them to swallow his/her pride and say sorry.

8.Always Be Open For Any Possible Consequences

There are times that we commit mistakes that is why we should always be open for any criticisms, may it be bad or good.

To sum up everything, "faith and preparedness" are really important factors that shape a relationship. We should always remember that it is not that simple to enter a married life; people should also consider the future of their children. If there are any misunderstanding, couples should always try to resolve it first without the intervention of the court. God Bless You!


Anonymous said...

Excellent advice, couples sometimes are feeling downI, and believe that the separation is the only solution, they do not know, that in the future, you'll have bigger problems, problems have been made to overcome them.It is worth to solve them.

Amolife said...

Ace, thank you for sharing this!
You are right - we should be ready before getting into serious relationships. Sometimes we start relationships just because of passion or attraction - and then what we get?...yes, broken hearts... You should be ready to share your life, it is a great responsibility, and sometimes it's better to stop and think about it.
You have very advice here, everyone should read it - it can save us from big problems.