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Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Top 17 Ultimate Reasons Why People Fail

As we know, all human beings are created equal, yet we don't know why there are those who succeed and those who fail to meet their goals in life. In this article you will see some of the reasons why there are some who fail despite the effort of doing good.

1. Some people live by the expectation of others.
2. Some people do often imitate others rather than being themselves. Have you ever heard of parents saying to their children, "Can't you be like your brother/sister who always get high grades?" This is the exact reason why there are some people, instead of succeeding in their studies, fail to meet the standards because of the pressure they feel.
3. Some people are afraid to break traditionalism.
4. Some people are afraid of the consequences they might get to the point that they don't want to try anything at all.

The businessmen you know in the modern times never succeed by doing exact way some people did it before. They made a difference that is why they were noticed by the consumers. People should never be afraid of doing new things for it might not be recognized readily, I know as time pass by it will soon be.
5. Some people fail to learn spiritual knowledge.
6. Some people are very materialistic. There are many kinds of knowledge, but all of those are senseless unless you gain spiritual knowledge. What now if you get alot of money if God will end up your life tomorrow. We need to honor, if you don't believe in a God, perhaps a higher entity for you to be guided.
7. Some people are often easily distracted.
8. Some people are not focused on what they're doing. These two could be considered to be major contributors to the failure humans get. There are many beautiful and interesting things that surround us that is why there are many people that are distracted from what they're doing. Instead of being focus to a specific work, some people's mind are confused.
9. Some people are afraid to commit mistakes. There are many who do not even bother trying something because they are afraid that they might commit errors but think again, are those successful people never committed mistakes in life? Of course they did. We learn from our mistakes. Most of the things here in this world are made by trial and error, but once you get it right the price is more than right.
10. Some people love to fantasize instead of accepting the reality of this world.
11. Some people are just too lazy to do anything. Even in ancient writings and the bible testify that those who do not work shall never have a better life. How could you even have money if you don't work for it. There are those who even try to be a garbageman for the sake of earning money, but they even worth our salutations because at least they picked a noble profession other that just robbing a bank.
12. Some people are not humble enough to admit that they too have their faults. In anythings we do, we can never prevent accidents from happening but please do also admit sometimes that half of it is also your fault for being clumsy. Just like in any relationship may it be personal or professional, one should be humble enough to lower himself/herself down for the relationship to last long.
13. Some people are not often ready for 2nd options. There are some who are satisfied with mediocrity that they do not anymore consider having a backup ideas to cover their work.
14. They are very confident of themselves that they do not anymore consider asking for any help from others.
15. Some people do not accept criticisms.
16. They fail to maintain positivity. There are many people who always give up to easily when confronted with difficulties in life. People should always think twice that maybe this hardships that they face might be a blessing in disguise.
17. Some people fail to understand the true meaning of their lives.

For us to succeed we should always know first our real purpose of existence, else everything in us would be senseless. You could do this by self evaluation, reflection, or perhaps by taking a test.

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