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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Eight Ways to Detect A Dishonest Date

As I was searching for another topic to write. I came across with this article in Yahoo and thought of sharing it with you. This is an article about how to detect a dishonest date. This is intriguing since it sets a different definition of liars in contrast to the traditional ones.

1. Eyes aflutter. When people lie, their blink rate tends to go up.

2. The eyes have it. Conventional wisdom says that liars don't look you directly in the eye. And sometimes this is the case. However, research shows that practiced liars will actually give you more eye contact than people telling the truth!

3. Frankly, my dear. People who lie often feel the need to draw your attention to their trustworthiness. They may preface statements with words like "honestly," "frankly," and "truthfully." They're also likely to make assertions such as "I would never lie to you" and "I'm not lying."

4. Cool and casual. Most people expect liars to be nervous, but practiced liars know how to act casual while weaving a web. They may have their feet up or be slumped down in a chair as the lies flow.

5. Behind the smile. A liar's smile is different from a truth-teller's smile. According to research, true "enjoyment smiles" are so big and bright that you'll notice a crinkle around the eyes. These authentic smiles last for less than five seconds. The "masking smile," or lie smile, tends to last longer than five seconds, doesn't involve the eyes, has a hint of negative emotion, and may be crooked.

6. Sticking to it. Good liars stick to the true parts of their story as much as possible and insert lies at key points. If you suspect you're being lied to, don't be fooled into thinking that the whole story is true, even if you can confirm that parts of it are true.

7. Derailed by details. Liars often try to divert you from their falsehoods by detailing you to death. They'll get you so bogged down by the minutiae of the story that you lose track of what they're saying or you get tired of listening. Never hesitate to ask for clarification if the story seems confusing or doesn't add up.

8. It's not me, it's you! If you catch someone in a lie, they'll frequently try to turn it back on you. "You must be crazy. I never said that!" or "You must have memory loss because that's not the way it happened."What do you do when you suspect someone you're dating is repeatedly lying to you? In order to feel more secure in the relationship, let them know that even though the truth can hurt, you want to deal with things honestly and openly. The truth will ultimately be better than losing trust and being devastated by lies.The more people lie and get away with it, the more lies they tell. Stop the cycle by confronting the lies!

To tell you honestly, this article is very helpful since many of us who are having a very bad relationships right now. It is good that from the very beginning you know already the attitude of your love one.

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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

(Just For Art) The Unusual World of Amazing Moneygami: 16 Incredible Money Origami

I just posted this article to share also my interest in origami, but hey they are unusual in a way. You may also want to try these for the Halloween Season.

The word Origami came from the word oru meaning "folding" and kami meaning "paper". This art originated from the ancient Japanese times to have symbolic representation of the things they see. What is very complicated about this one is that the use of glue is prohibited, and that you are only allowed to fold the paper without cutting a part of it during the process. Origami is very common already but there is one thing creative you can do with origami this time of recession; use money. Here are some of the most amazing money folding:

1. Spider

Image source

2. Eagle

Image source

3. Turtle Origami

Image source

4. Fishes

Image source

5. Elephant

Image source

6. Boat

Image source

7. Spider

Image source

8. Dinosaur

Image source

9. Beetle

Image source

10. Cool Penguin and Dog

Image source

11. Star

Image source

12. Coat and Tie

Image source

13. Cat

Image source

14. Angel

Image source

15. Umbrella

Image source

16. Heart

Image source

They are all amazing, aren't they? Just imagine what life would be if all of the things around you is money, is it not there will be no more poverty? I hope you enjoyed this article. God Bless You All!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Why Men Love Women

This is actually a reply to the post Why Men Love Women. I got a message from a friend asking if I'm interested in posting a reply post about her article, and I did not hesitate because I know that this may also interest you readers. Just got to mention this, she is one good writer. So why do men love women? There are several reason and the ones below may just explain it all. Some lines enclosed with the quotation marks are my own reasons why men love women.

"One thing about women is that most of them have the attitude of playing hard to get which men actually love. They always try to appreciate every thing they see even if it's not worth the effort."

I can't agree more. Women always care for their partners. They do not only go bold in bed to please men but they also cook when their partners are hungry, they massage their back when they're tired from their works, and women always see to it that they are there when their partners need them. Personally I can say that women do much of the effort to keep the house clean (Just talking about how my mother always scold me when my things are scattered around) but never expect something in return. They are always contented of what they have and never ask for more, but not in a way that they do not anymore consider enhancing themselves for the better. I must agree with the author, women may complain about anything but never about the things they do to obtain the beauty they want to have.

I don't actually have that personal experience with woman, but I know that they love to explore new things. They do not actually stick to the old rotten past but they love trying new things that suite the fashion of today but of course in a positive way.

In a recent study, it shows that men die younger than women, and that can be because they do not worry a lot about their problems. They do actually have this different way of solving problems because they do not keep their problems to themselves but they share them to their friends. They always get to have some advices and enlightenment from others. Unlike lying men, women are sincere in what they're saying especially when they say the words "I love you" to their partners.

"Women are more confident in handling things especially if it's about love. They do not just go for mediocrity because they always want the best for themselves and for their partners."

Yes, women also express the same feelings whenever they are not feeling good. A good thing about women is that they do not go physical when handling things but they focus more on a poetic manner. We just need to remember that "those who live by the sword shall die by the sword, and those who live by the pen shall die by the pen."
"They are versatile, and they never go on a journey unprepared literally."

What is amazing about women is that they can dress like men, while men cannot dress like women, is it not unfair? Some women are very meticulous that even if the world is already ending, they are still up to household chores.

This part of the article is very sensual, and other people may just enjoy reading this part, you can just go to site yourself. Not only are women good in faking orgasm, they are also just like a professional dramatic actress when they need something from their partners.

Women just have the capability to control men and let them revolve in their hands. I must agree that women's tears are just like those of the babies, they can affect those who are near them. It can be because of their soft and gentle aura.

"Women really know how to let their partners know that they need also to be loved."

Saturday, October 25, 2008

15 Ways To Keep A Healthy Relationship

  1. Love each other. The simplest but the most effective way of maintaining a good relationship is just to love each other. What is it in a relationship if there is no love, is it just lust from the very beginning?
  2. Don't Lie. In any relationship, there should always be trust between the couple or else all will end up in chaos. We should always remember that there is no secret that can't be revealed, sooner or later you'll just find out that you are just cheating and putting yourself into shame.
  3. Keep Good Communication. Personally I can say that good communication between couples should highly be done because it is the only way they can keep in touch; it is the only way(especially for distant relationships) to keep track of the feelings and emotions of the partners.
  4. Stay Sweet. Although you may have faced some serious problems in your relationship, you should at least never lose your sweetness. The ladies should always be lovable so that their partners may not afford to exchange you with someone else. Many problems occur when one of the couple cannot just be humble enough to accept that he or she is wrong.
  5. After facing a fight with each other just forgive and forget. As humans, we can never avoid misunderstandings, because it is just the effect of our imperfections in life. But with that imperfection comes perfection because it is with that misunderstanding that the couple will know each other more.
  6. Never talk about breakup. If you don't want breakups then why talk about it in the first place. Just talking about the possibilities of a breakup will leave an impression to your partner that you don't love him/her sincerely or you are just giving him/her the reason to quit your relationship.
  7. If you are really sorry, mean it! The word sorry is just so common among men. Before planning on cheating on your partner, why not think again about the consequences you gonna end up facing.
  8. Don't compare your past and present. You should not just compare your past to the present because the setting is completely different. You cannot just compare the picture coming out from a 'black and white television' with a 'digital flat screen television' because they are not of the same level.
  9. Don't talk about your past relationships. Sticking to what have happened in the past will just give you hard time of moving on. You will never notice how your present partner loves you if ever you keep on thinking of your ex.
  10. Give and take process. It is not always that one should be in charge of the other.
  11. Be more sensitive of the feelings of your partner. It is not just enough to ask him/her about his/her feelings because most of the time he/she will hide true feelings. They will not just tell you in the sense that they don't want you to get hurt also.
  12. When you had a fight, don't let the day pass without being fine. The longer you stay in a fight, the more time you need for reconciliation. Let us just remember that the more you let someone dying wait, the less chance of survival and same is true with love.
  13. Don't be the perfect one, be the right one. Are you tired of being somebody else just to please your partner? You never need to do that in the first place. If you are really loved by your partner then he/she should accept you no matter who you are.
  14. Swallow your pride. As I said earlier, relationships will never work unless one of the couple will be humble enough to lower himself/herself down even though he/she knows that he/she is not really the fault of the fight.
  15. Among any other celebration, never forget to remember anniversaries or monthsaries. It is already very common among any other couples to be fighting over because one of them actually forgot to remember their anniversary. It is just perfectly understandable for someone to forget but whenever you try to explain to your partner just get it straight to the point. Just don't tell him/her that you had a stomach problem that's why you were not able to attend, oh come on it's just so highscool.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Parents Intervening In A Relationship

There are many relationships that never lasted for a very long time because of certain happenings or interventions. One major factor of breakups is the intervention of the parents. The big question is, "Should be parents still be included in the teens' decision in choosing their future partners in life?" The funny thing is that teen and parents have opposing view points. One strong argument from those who say no is that democracy should be exercised. I quote a line from a mother-daughter quarrel, "Mom, you can't tie me up in your hand forever. I am old enough already to decide for my own." While those who say yes will say, "parents are parents, it's the responsibility of the parents to guide their children in everything they do." Just talking about the teen related violence today will really make you wanna say yes to the question.

For me not to look like I'm bias I'll be standing on the middle of this issue and will try to neutralize everything I say. Actually, the intervention of the parents make has a positive and negative side. It can sometimes be advantageous because parents already know everything about love and they can be a great source of advices. It can also be a disadvantage in the sense that they can be holding the child on the neck already. Well it's up for you to decide is it a yes or a no?

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Ultimate Guide For Parents: Six Incredible Ways to Improve Study Habits and Academic Status

Studying is the best way to pass tests and you can never do that without considering some things. Here is a list of what to do for your children to develop good study habit.

1. Guide Them While Studying.
It is not just enough to tell them to study hard because at an early stage they don't know yet the actual importance of studying. You should let them feel that studying is just a fun learning experience and not a contest to win.

2. Never Scold Them For Their Mistakes.
It is not okay for parents to be scolding their young children for committing mistakes at school because they may lose interest in attending classes. I tried it before and gosh it really gave me headaches just convincing my child to study again.

3. Set the Quiet Place and Time.
Never just rely on letting your children study with their classmates because if ever they set 3 hours of group study, they will end up spending 2 hours playing video games. Trust me on that. Always set the time so that your children know what you expect on them during that particular time.Just an advice, never let your children study after eating dinner because it will really make them very sleepy. Do not also allow them to lie down on bed while studying because you know what to expect if you let them do that.

4. Never bribe them.
There is a saying that corruption may start from early childhood and it can be true. There are many parents who just love giving anything to their child just to persuade them to study. It is just okay for you to give them reward sometimes, but almost everyday? It will leave an impression to your child that schooling is just about money for snacks and everything. Instead of bribing, always motivate your child to study. Always remind them that education is important because that's the only thing you can ever give them that will last once you are not anymore in this world.

5. Organize first the study materials before studying.
It is easier for the brain to function if the things you are studying are properly outlined. There are times in a test when you can remember where it is written but cannot anymore retrieve the specific word.

6. Teaching the basic techniques in effective studying
. It is always better if you encourage your child to take down notes while reading a specific chapter. It is also better in studying if he knows how to skim the books so that he/she will not have a hard time memorizing all the terms.

The Journey Of Teen Parents

There are many teens who are now indulging themselves into premarital sex, common sense will tell us that problem will lead to another problem. Here is an article that will tackle the issue. This is just an introduction so just keep visiting my blog for more updates. God Bless You All!

  • Acceptance
The very reason for unwanted babies is due to teen rebellion. There are so many teens who run away from their homes because of forbidden love, but will eventually go back to their parents and will say, "Mom, dad I'm pregnant." Although there are some who were able to survive, there are also some who ended up thinking of abortion as the best solution. This article will mainly talk about how teens and their parents should accept the reality.

This is for the parents. We can never prevent things from happening. Although we do not want our sons and daughters' to have boyfriends and girlfriends, time will come that they will find their true love. For those parents who found out that their teens already have boyfriends or girlfriends it is best that you talk first in a light manner. The very reason your children indulge themselves into a secret relationships is because they think that you are not open for that topic and they feel that they can't approach you for some advices.

Well the best way to prevent yourself from becoming a teen parent is for you to have early prevention, but if it's already too late, then it's better that you you just accept the truth. It is better for parents and teens to just accept it because what more can they do. Personally I can totally relate to this not because I'm also a teen parent but because I know someone who is.

  • Raising the Child
The ultimate consequence of bringing a child at an early age is the great possibility of the child getting an illness. I know a child who has a sickness and it is really heart breaking to see the child crying because of the bullying and insults she gets in school. In connection to our topic, raising a child is not that easy task. You need to face emotional, financial, and other related problems. Teen parents should raise their child normally not secluding them from the society. There are so many teen parents who don't want their children to be seen by others because they feel that they will bring humiliation. Well now I must make this statement, "People bring their own problems that is why everyone is responsible for their own actions.

  • Maturity
As others would say it, "You'll never know what it feels like unless you experience it yourself." As the teen parents grow mature so is their children. The problem starts when their daughter enters college because money is of the essence with that matter. What should a teen parent do? Although there are some who feel ashamed, but the issue itself is not that enough reason to stop studying. Be a working student so that you can personally finance your studies. Once you graduate, you can have a more stable job to support your family.

Importance Of Technology Literacy In Education

Technology has been advancing over the past years and it now became an essential instrument in achieving one's goal. Although there are many sectors who keep discouraging people from using technology, we should also take note of the positive things it has done for us humans. We are now in the 21st century where most of the things are controlled by machines, and so the need for computer or any technology education in schools is also urgently needed. So what really is the importance of literacy in technology?

Basically, technology literacy with respect to students is important because it makes them more competitive locally and abroad. We can never hide the fact that in demand jobs such as information technology and digital animation requires holistic knowledge in computer. Better knowledge in technology is not done through listening or just by taking notes in your notebook, but by getting hold of the computer while learning. Sticking to traditionalism is the great hindrance of having a more progressive society. Realizing that technology brings competitiveness will also bring efficiency. Introducing a more efficient way of teaching will also make the students absorb more knowledge. It will help students because once they graduate and enter their first day of work, they are not anymore new to them.