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Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Journey Of Teen Parents

There are many teens who are now indulging themselves into premarital sex, common sense will tell us that problem will lead to another problem. Here is an article that will tackle the issue. This is just an introduction so just keep visiting my blog for more updates. God Bless You All!

  • Acceptance
The very reason for unwanted babies is due to teen rebellion. There are so many teens who run away from their homes because of forbidden love, but will eventually go back to their parents and will say, "Mom, dad I'm pregnant." Although there are some who were able to survive, there are also some who ended up thinking of abortion as the best solution. This article will mainly talk about how teens and their parents should accept the reality.

This is for the parents. We can never prevent things from happening. Although we do not want our sons and daughters' to have boyfriends and girlfriends, time will come that they will find their true love. For those parents who found out that their teens already have boyfriends or girlfriends it is best that you talk first in a light manner. The very reason your children indulge themselves into a secret relationships is because they think that you are not open for that topic and they feel that they can't approach you for some advices.

Well the best way to prevent yourself from becoming a teen parent is for you to have early prevention, but if it's already too late, then it's better that you you just accept the truth. It is better for parents and teens to just accept it because what more can they do. Personally I can totally relate to this not because I'm also a teen parent but because I know someone who is.

  • Raising the Child
The ultimate consequence of bringing a child at an early age is the great possibility of the child getting an illness. I know a child who has a sickness and it is really heart breaking to see the child crying because of the bullying and insults she gets in school. In connection to our topic, raising a child is not that easy task. You need to face emotional, financial, and other related problems. Teen parents should raise their child normally not secluding them from the society. There are so many teen parents who don't want their children to be seen by others because they feel that they will bring humiliation. Well now I must make this statement, "People bring their own problems that is why everyone is responsible for their own actions.

  • Maturity
As others would say it, "You'll never know what it feels like unless you experience it yourself." As the teen parents grow mature so is their children. The problem starts when their daughter enters college because money is of the essence with that matter. What should a teen parent do? Although there are some who feel ashamed, but the issue itself is not that enough reason to stop studying. Be a working student so that you can personally finance your studies. Once you graduate, you can have a more stable job to support your family.

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should not intervene, but if, guide, suggest, as Experience is not transferred.