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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Ultimate Guide For Parents: Six Incredible Ways to Improve Study Habits and Academic Status

Studying is the best way to pass tests and you can never do that without considering some things. Here is a list of what to do for your children to develop good study habit.

1. Guide Them While Studying.
It is not just enough to tell them to study hard because at an early stage they don't know yet the actual importance of studying. You should let them feel that studying is just a fun learning experience and not a contest to win.

2. Never Scold Them For Their Mistakes.
It is not okay for parents to be scolding their young children for committing mistakes at school because they may lose interest in attending classes. I tried it before and gosh it really gave me headaches just convincing my child to study again.

3. Set the Quiet Place and Time.
Never just rely on letting your children study with their classmates because if ever they set 3 hours of group study, they will end up spending 2 hours playing video games. Trust me on that. Always set the time so that your children know what you expect on them during that particular time.Just an advice, never let your children study after eating dinner because it will really make them very sleepy. Do not also allow them to lie down on bed while studying because you know what to expect if you let them do that.

4. Never bribe them.
There is a saying that corruption may start from early childhood and it can be true. There are many parents who just love giving anything to their child just to persuade them to study. It is just okay for you to give them reward sometimes, but almost everyday? It will leave an impression to your child that schooling is just about money for snacks and everything. Instead of bribing, always motivate your child to study. Always remind them that education is important because that's the only thing you can ever give them that will last once you are not anymore in this world.

5. Organize first the study materials before studying.
It is easier for the brain to function if the things you are studying are properly outlined. There are times in a test when you can remember where it is written but cannot anymore retrieve the specific word.

6. Teaching the basic techniques in effective studying
. It is always better if you encourage your child to take down notes while reading a specific chapter. It is also better in studying if he knows how to skim the books so that he/she will not have a hard time memorizing all the terms.

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