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Monday, October 27, 2008

Why Men Love Women

This is actually a reply to the post Why Men Love Women. I got a message from a friend asking if I'm interested in posting a reply post about her article, and I did not hesitate because I know that this may also interest you readers. Just got to mention this, she is one good writer. So why do men love women? There are several reason and the ones below may just explain it all. Some lines enclosed with the quotation marks are my own reasons why men love women.

"One thing about women is that most of them have the attitude of playing hard to get which men actually love. They always try to appreciate every thing they see even if it's not worth the effort."

I can't agree more. Women always care for their partners. They do not only go bold in bed to please men but they also cook when their partners are hungry, they massage their back when they're tired from their works, and women always see to it that they are there when their partners need them. Personally I can say that women do much of the effort to keep the house clean (Just talking about how my mother always scold me when my things are scattered around) but never expect something in return. They are always contented of what they have and never ask for more, but not in a way that they do not anymore consider enhancing themselves for the better. I must agree with the author, women may complain about anything but never about the things they do to obtain the beauty they want to have.

I don't actually have that personal experience with woman, but I know that they love to explore new things. They do not actually stick to the old rotten past but they love trying new things that suite the fashion of today but of course in a positive way.

In a recent study, it shows that men die younger than women, and that can be because they do not worry a lot about their problems. They do actually have this different way of solving problems because they do not keep their problems to themselves but they share them to their friends. They always get to have some advices and enlightenment from others. Unlike lying men, women are sincere in what they're saying especially when they say the words "I love you" to their partners.

"Women are more confident in handling things especially if it's about love. They do not just go for mediocrity because they always want the best for themselves and for their partners."

Yes, women also express the same feelings whenever they are not feeling good. A good thing about women is that they do not go physical when handling things but they focus more on a poetic manner. We just need to remember that "those who live by the sword shall die by the sword, and those who live by the pen shall die by the pen."
"They are versatile, and they never go on a journey unprepared literally."

What is amazing about women is that they can dress like men, while men cannot dress like women, is it not unfair? Some women are very meticulous that even if the world is already ending, they are still up to household chores.

This part of the article is very sensual, and other people may just enjoy reading this part, you can just go to site yourself. Not only are women good in faking orgasm, they are also just like a professional dramatic actress when they need something from their partners.

Women just have the capability to control men and let them revolve in their hands. I must agree that women's tears are just like those of the babies, they can affect those who are near them. It can be because of their soft and gentle aura.

"Women really know how to let their partners know that they need also to be loved."

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Amo said...

Very interesting point:) Thank you for sharing your opinion:) I was so pleased to read this:) I'm proud to be a woman - because there are such men like you who care about us:)