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Saturday, October 25, 2008

15 Ways To Keep A Healthy Relationship

  1. Love each other. The simplest but the most effective way of maintaining a good relationship is just to love each other. What is it in a relationship if there is no love, is it just lust from the very beginning?
  2. Don't Lie. In any relationship, there should always be trust between the couple or else all will end up in chaos. We should always remember that there is no secret that can't be revealed, sooner or later you'll just find out that you are just cheating and putting yourself into shame.
  3. Keep Good Communication. Personally I can say that good communication between couples should highly be done because it is the only way they can keep in touch; it is the only way(especially for distant relationships) to keep track of the feelings and emotions of the partners.
  4. Stay Sweet. Although you may have faced some serious problems in your relationship, you should at least never lose your sweetness. The ladies should always be lovable so that their partners may not afford to exchange you with someone else. Many problems occur when one of the couple cannot just be humble enough to accept that he or she is wrong.
  5. After facing a fight with each other just forgive and forget. As humans, we can never avoid misunderstandings, because it is just the effect of our imperfections in life. But with that imperfection comes perfection because it is with that misunderstanding that the couple will know each other more.
  6. Never talk about breakup. If you don't want breakups then why talk about it in the first place. Just talking about the possibilities of a breakup will leave an impression to your partner that you don't love him/her sincerely or you are just giving him/her the reason to quit your relationship.
  7. If you are really sorry, mean it! The word sorry is just so common among men. Before planning on cheating on your partner, why not think again about the consequences you gonna end up facing.
  8. Don't compare your past and present. You should not just compare your past to the present because the setting is completely different. You cannot just compare the picture coming out from a 'black and white television' with a 'digital flat screen television' because they are not of the same level.
  9. Don't talk about your past relationships. Sticking to what have happened in the past will just give you hard time of moving on. You will never notice how your present partner loves you if ever you keep on thinking of your ex.
  10. Give and take process. It is not always that one should be in charge of the other.
  11. Be more sensitive of the feelings of your partner. It is not just enough to ask him/her about his/her feelings because most of the time he/she will hide true feelings. They will not just tell you in the sense that they don't want you to get hurt also.
  12. When you had a fight, don't let the day pass without being fine. The longer you stay in a fight, the more time you need for reconciliation. Let us just remember that the more you let someone dying wait, the less chance of survival and same is true with love.
  13. Don't be the perfect one, be the right one. Are you tired of being somebody else just to please your partner? You never need to do that in the first place. If you are really loved by your partner then he/she should accept you no matter who you are.
  14. Swallow your pride. As I said earlier, relationships will never work unless one of the couple will be humble enough to lower himself/herself down even though he/she knows that he/she is not really the fault of the fight.
  15. Among any other celebration, never forget to remember anniversaries or monthsaries. It is already very common among any other couples to be fighting over because one of them actually forgot to remember their anniversary. It is just perfectly understandable for someone to forget but whenever you try to explain to your partner just get it straight to the point. Just don't tell him/her that you had a stomach problem that's why you were not able to attend, oh come on it's just so highscool.


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