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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Importance Of Technology Literacy In Education

Technology has been advancing over the past years and it now became an essential instrument in achieving one's goal. Although there are many sectors who keep discouraging people from using technology, we should also take note of the positive things it has done for us humans. We are now in the 21st century where most of the things are controlled by machines, and so the need for computer or any technology education in schools is also urgently needed. So what really is the importance of literacy in technology?

Basically, technology literacy with respect to students is important because it makes them more competitive locally and abroad. We can never hide the fact that in demand jobs such as information technology and digital animation requires holistic knowledge in computer. Better knowledge in technology is not done through listening or just by taking notes in your notebook, but by getting hold of the computer while learning. Sticking to traditionalism is the great hindrance of having a more progressive society. Realizing that technology brings competitiveness will also bring efficiency. Introducing a more efficient way of teaching will also make the students absorb more knowledge. It will help students because once they graduate and enter their first day of work, they are not anymore new to them.

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