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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

15 Annoying Things Our Pet Animals Do

1. Waking up in the morning while your dog is licking your lips.
2. When your dog just can't stop barking or howling.
3. When all of your dogs start scratching in front of you.
4. When your dogs keep chewing your ballpoint pen  and testpapers.
5. When you are forced to tell your teacher that your dog ate your homework as an excuse.
6.When they keep running back and forth.
7. It is cute to see your dogs waiting for you to give them food while you're eating, but then it just becomes irritating especially when they get to eat more than what you have ingested.
8. When they keep urinating on your bed.
9. When they eat their own stool.
10. When they chew on your newly bought slippers and shoes.
11. When a dog start humping on your leg.
12. When they don't respond whenever you call them for several times.
13. When dogs just start fighting each other.
14. When they keep licking your ears.
15. When you just couldn't resist their charm.

Not all things that are listed above apply to all people. I hope you enjoyed reading. Thanks you.

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