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Monday, June 7, 2010

Sex Education For Preschoolers: Is It Beneficial Or Just Plain Suicide

As a nursing student and a conservative person, I must say that I am unsure of my stand about this particular issue. According to studies, the best time to teach your children about sex is when the child asks you about that topic for the first time. For many years, it has been a tradition that parents would impose restrictive measures to stop the child from asking those kinds of questions. Parents would usually say: "No", "Not now", "It's bad, don't mention it", or "You're still a kid, you don't understand what you're saying."  From what I've also observed from the past, those children that were often scolded have higher tendency of having low self-esteem or perhaps the tendency to rebel compared to those that were carefully taught. As I have said, I am yet unsure of my stand, but if you insist on asking me, I must say that I am “for” sex education for preschoolers considering these listed points below:

Point #1: It is better for children to have a “guided exposure” to the reality of this world. As an example, instead of letting the child cover his or her eyes when there are sex or kissing scenes in the movie, why not let the child see it and explain to him or her that those things are only done by adults, and that it is the reason why he or she is alive right now. The tendency of depriving the children from those kind of information will lead the children to seek answers for themselves.
Point #2: It takes off a huge load that parents need to carry. At least parents won’t be sitting down anymore with their children explaining about the “birds and the bees” or the “bees and the flowers”. Don’t you think it is much better for a professional to handle that situation?
Point #3: It is a clear indication of accepting the reality that the problem does exist. The main reason why this problem is still persisting is the fact that most parents are still in denial of the existence of the problem.
Point #4: “Prevention is better than cure.” As reinforcement to my point #3, it is better that we try to resolve the problem while it is still at its primary stage. Why? Ask yourself this question: “What is there to teach about sex education if the child is already pregnant?” It is not that I’m allowing premarital sex. What I’m trying to say is that there is really the tendency for it to happen.
Point #5: Teaching at an early stage. Many people would ask why is it that sex education should be taught at a very young age. It is because it is the age bracket when the child is susceptible to learning new information. It is also the time when the child is not yet preoccupied with the wrong idea related to sex education.
I am not saying that I am correct. We all have our own point of views. If you have your own stand about this issue, you are free to comment. God Bless You!


Paul Swendson said...

I have two kids a few years older than pre-school age, and we have not had "the talk" yet. If they ask us about it (or had asked earlier) we would go through the basics. As a parent, you must adapt to the circumstances.

Kids are going to learn about sex one way or the other. So it is best for them to learn in a positive setting. The natural tendency as a parent is to keep your kids shielded as long as possible. In spite of ourselves, we need to recognize that kids are going to grow up someday. Ultimately, we parents need to do some growing up ourselves.

ace campillo said...

Well said Sir Paul Swendson.. We just all need to face the reality that we are now at the modern era. :)

Unknown said...

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