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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Six Major Problems That Are Bombarding Students

Many students are often bombarded with so many problems in life and they do not only cover one aspect of being a student. I surveyed 100 students in our school including some teachers, and I have enlisted the top six major common problems among students:
6. Love Life

It may be a priority for some, but it only ranked top 6 on  the list. It goes to show that either the students are getting more serious with their studies or it’s just that many are afraid of commitments. It is just fine to have boyfriends or girlfriends so long as it is not affecting your grades. I have a classmate who has someone dear to her heart yet she says that “I am only going to answer him after we graduate in college.”

5. Cellular Phones and other gadgets

The main reason to use cellular phones is not just to play the applications or surf the internet through wireless connection, but also for educational purposes. By the use of the modern technology, teachers can now connect through the use of texting or by email. Cellular phones are very important especially if you have group projects. Some schools are prohibiting students from bringing expensive phones because of the fact that many are tempted to steal. Just recently in our school, my classmate’s phone got stolen and we suspected that one of our schoolmates got it. I guess it’s just for the good that some schools are doing it.

4. Writing Materials
Have you ever told “never to go to a war without any weapon”? Many students especially during exam day tend to forget to bring their pencils or ballpoint pens.

3. Pressure From Parents
 The reason why many students do not excel in school is the fact that many of them are just forced to take up the course their parents like or that they can’t cope with the pressure that their parents are giving them. Some parents are sol old-fashioned that they don’t know how to efficiently let their children show what they got.

2. Memorization
How I hate memorization. Do you know that reading a book itself can be a solution to your sleeping problems. I even have a teacher before who said that reading a book is more effective than taking sleeping pills. It is really true especially if you need to memorize a lot of terms and definitions. The only way to prevent mass memorization is by studying every night.
And the number 1 spot goes to…

1. Paper

It may be funny for some, but according to some statistical data: out of 40 students in the classroom, unless required to bring, only 1-2 students have paper with them. Every time the teacher asks the students to get a whole sheet of paper, students roam around the classroom asking a piece of paper from their classmates.

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