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Thursday, June 10, 2010

How is It to Become a Teenager Part 3: Sex, Violence and Independence

I googled the keywords “teenager” and “adolescences” in case there are some articles that would help me compose the 3rd franchise of my article but I didn’t get that much information. What I noticed was that the number one search in is related to sex and pornography.

Doctor Jose Protacio Rizal, the Philippine National Hero, is often quoted because of his saying that “the youth is the hope of our nation.” But is it still the case of our modern teenagers? Most people when asked about teenagers always incorporate violence with them. The main reason might be because most of them distort the true meaning of freedom and use it to defend their wrong doings. Freedom is a right only given to those who also acknowledge the rights of other people. This right cannot anymore be claimed once you start inflicting harm to other people. I have attended a seminar recently entitled “Adolescence: Is It Just About Violence” and some of the major reasons of the unruly behaviour of the teenagers were discussed.

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