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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Guatemala Sinkhole: Twin Catastrophic Natural Disaster Left The Gates of Hell Opened

Just last May of 2010, Central America was hit by a storm named Agatha. The biggest fatalities in its initial surge was recorded in Guatemala where it already dumped 36 centimeters (14 inches) of rain, triggering flash floods and landslides that killed 14 people Saturday, including four adults and four children inside homes buried by mudslides, officials said. The official tally of death is 115 coming from Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador.
What is even more disastrous is that the volcano has just erupted when the storm hit the land of Guatemala. Because of this, Guatemalan President President Alvaro Colom said in his cabinet meeting, “I call for unity… all of us Guatemalans are challenged by this great trial we’re facing… so we must organize ourselves better and maintain the spirit of solidarity that has emerged these past few days.
But then, the storm and the volcanic eruption is not the main point of this article but the phenomenon that happened after their surge.

image source

This giant crater or sink hole is the main attraction after the devastating storm. This naturally happens when massive bed of soil is removed. The process of creating this crater may happen slowly, but in the case in Guatemala, the crater appeared suddenly.

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