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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Who Am I? (without my pen and paper)

(writing my debate piece as early as 7:30am at the mall)

I took up nursing by the encouragement of my mother that I'll earn more money if I work abroad. Although I'm already in my 3rd year, I am yet unsure whether I'm really happy with the path I'm taking. I dreamt before of becoming a doctor, but then I am more inclined to public speaking and writing articles and poems. For some, I am a good singer and for some I am a great personal adviser. There are even some people who say that I know more things than them in terms of life experiences. I somewhat agree because I always believed that it's not that because you're older you have already achieved more. It solely depends on how you manage your life. No matter what other people may say about me, I can assure you that I am just a normal 18 year old person who's trying to keep up with the modernization of this world.

I love attending formal parties and traveling as long as it is within my budget. They are the things I do to unwind after a very tiring semester of studying.

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