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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Marriage: An Island Of No Return

Marriage is maybe the ultimate goal of most lovers because it is a way of showing their partners how they love them. Just to share you a personal story: It was twenty three years ago when my parents were married in Samar, Philippines. Although they're married young, it did not stop them from finishing their studies. My father was the one who financed my mother's schooling. While I was listening to their story, I was asking myself, "Could I have survived if I were in their situation 23 years ago?" I was pondering with the thought of it until another question popped out of my head: " 'I love you', will that very statement suffice the growing demand of being a married person?" My mother used to tell me that, yes, love is a very important component of marriage yet it is not the only ingredient to have a happy wedded life.
In marriage, love is a sacrifice you have to make.

For many, the act of letting go is the greatest love that you can ever give your partner but never for me, because for me the greatest act of love is the act of sacrifice. I have seen the greatest fight of my parents but instead of them separating, my mom told us, "no matter what happens, I will never leave this family because I don't want you my children to suffer from our mistakes." I guess it’s because of the fact that there is no such thing as a perfect relationship. You always need to understand your partner. Taking it from the experience of my mother, she had the chance to achieve fame and wealth yet she did not grab that opportunity for the welfare of her children. She always said, “iba naman talaga pag ang bata ay lumaki sa puder ng isang nag aarugang ina.” (It is so much better if the child grows with his mother around to take care of him.) Sacrifices? We get to face them in every moment of our lives. There is just one thing that I can tell you now: understand first the true meaning of love before you make any more sacrifices.

I hope you learned something from what I’ve shared to you. God Bless you!

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