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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Joy Of Owning 30 Dogs

Owning thirty dogs is not that easy. You get to wake up early in the morning to feed them and clean their dirt. The most difficult part of it is that you need to give them equal love so that none of them will get left behind. Although some would say that it’s very difficult, the joy they give you is unparalleled. From the moment you wake up in the morning and by the time you retire for the day, it is them that you see.

Despite all the hassles they give you, you’ll just learn to love them. The companionship they can give you can never be matched by any other species that live here on Earth. No matter how many times you scold them, they will always stay loyal to you. Just like humans, they also have different kinds of behaviors. There are some who are quiet and like to be alone, there are also some who love to play most of the time, but no matter what their behavior is, they are just equally lovable. What I noticed even before that once you call one of them, the other 29 will come running towards you. They will constantly compete for your attention. Believe it or not, I have dogs who like to listen to music and watch television. What is more interesting is that I have a dog, which does not have a tail, who likes watching himself in the mirror. They seem irrational for some, but for me who witnessed how great these animals are, I can say that they are more intelligent than what others think they are.

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